Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan - Preferred Approach Consultation (January 2023)

Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan: Preferred Approach

Chapter One: Introduction


1.1. Broxtowe Borough, Gedling Borough, Nottingham City and Rushcliffe Borough Councils ("the Councils") are preparingĀ theĀ Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan, which will cover the plan period 2022 to 2038, and will set out policies to secure sustainable growth.

1.2. This Preferred Approach consultation seeks views on the proposed strategy and vision, the approach to housing and employment provision and the proposed strategic sites.

The Scope of the Consultation

1.3. The document provides a background to the Strategic Plan and includes a proposed Vision, describing what the plan area will look like in 2038. This Vision includes key strategic issues such as climate change, enhancing Blue and Green Infrastructure, improving access to homes and jobs and the distribution of development. Objectives are then listed which establish how the Strategic Plan will achieve the Vision.

1.4. It proposes a preferred planning strategy for meeting housing and employment needs, based on a defined settlement hierarchy. This includes details of the current housing and employment supply and identifies strategic site allocations to meet any remaining need. Site specific details of the sites are also included, with key development requirements.

1.5. The document outlines the approach to meeting housing need and includes housing targets for each Council area. It provides justification for these targets based on the standard method for assessing housing need, as outlined in the National Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) and evidence provided within the Greater Nottingham & Ashfield Housing Needs Assessment. It also outlines the approach to the 35% uplift applied to the housing need figure for Nottingham (the uplift is applied to the 20 largest urban centres nationally).

1.6. The employment needs are based on the Nottingham Core Housing Market Area and Nottingham Outer Housing Market Area Employment Land Needs Study and the Nottinghamshire Core & Outer Housing Market Area Logistics Study.

1.7. Responses to this consultation will be considered as part of preparing the next version of the Strategic Plan which will be the Publication Draft (Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning Act (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012).